Importance of Professional Concrete Scanning Brisbane

When deterioration happens to concrete, coring or cutting into it is inevitable. However, coring or cutting into concrete is not a simple job for anyone. It is why many homeowners or business owners in Brisbane call on help from professional concrete scanning, Brisbane at the outset.

Concrete walls and floors in homes and commercial buildings in Brisbane are likely to have things embedded in them. And the only way to know if there’s something buried in there is to hire the services of a professional concrete scanning company.

A quick scan using ground-penetrating radar is the best way to determine the things embedded into it. The best reasons that make concrete scanning a must in every construction project include:

Analysing the concrete

The structure of the concrete can be analysed by concrete scanning. Concrete scanning provides a complete analysis of the concrete’s structure, including:

  • Elevation of the slab
  • Determine the rebar content
  • Gauge the spacing of the concrete

New and old construction projects need the help of concrete scanning. It provides an efficient and quick way to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a concrete wall or floor.

Identify reinforcing steel embedded in the concrete

Concrete scanning of a concrete slab helps to identify and locate any post-tension cables and rebar in it. Drilling and cutting the concrete is faster and more efficient when the location of any reinforcing steel in the slab is located and marked accordingly. The integrity of the slab is preserved with the precise concrete drilling or cutting not hitting any steel reinforcement in it. The scanning helps to prevent concrete repairs and patches than working blindly on it.

Identify air pockets or voids

The presence of air pockets or voids on concrete is undetectable from the surface. Voids form with the erosion of the sub-grade dirt between the concrete slabs. If not addressed immediately, the integrity of the concrete slab is compromised. This makes concrete scanning an incredibly important tool to have on any home renovation.

Identify the location of electrical conduits

Industrial and commercial areas need an accurate picture of the electrical conduits buried in concrete slabs. A potential safety hazard is produced with the accidental cutting of electrical conduits. Widespread damage and power outages are some of the possibilities that are likely to happen when electrical conduits are accidentally cut. When you are unsure of the location of these conduits, this is when to do concrete scanning. With concrete scanning, the work is easier, quicker, and safer.


Top Advantages of Hiring Professional Concrete Scanning Services


Concrete scanning is a specialisation that even professional plumbers and electricians do not try to do. The specialisation of concrete scanning means that only personnel who have undergone special training allow them to use the specialised tools.

The top advantages of hiring professional concrete scanning services include:

Safety at all times

Safety always matters in all big and small construction projects. Concrete drilling and cutting can become safety hazards when power conduits, for instance, are accidentally cut. Concrete scanning eliminates this hazard.

Accurate findings

Making precise and perfect concrete cutting or coring happens when the features in the concrete are accurately located.

Fast and efficient work

Knowing the exact location of things embedded in the concrete allows accurate drilling and cutting.



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