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Find out about the MicroBlitz team and our research.

Food security.Water quality.  Climate change.  These are some of the biggest issues of our time  environmental issues that MicroBlitz will enable us to monitor, understand and combat. But how do we begin to tackle such big sustainability issues, especially in a state as vast as Western Australia? By thinking small and with an army of citizen scientists in the field collecting samples!

The sheer scale of the MicroBlitz DNA sequencing survey will enable us to establish what’s out there and how it affects our environment and ultimately our own health. We believe that the more we learn about the nature and extent of microbial influence, the more effective we can be in developing sustainable strategies and solutions to support our ever-growing population in an ever-changing environment.

Find out about the MicroBlitz research and meet the team.

  • Our Research Story. Learn about our work and how the knowledge and insights we gain through MicroBlitz will help protect our environment.
  • Meet the Team. Find out about the key people behind MicroBlitz and their motivation for being part of our unique citizen science project.

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