The WA Microbe Map

WA’s Microbe Map

You can explore the WA Microbe Map to find out where we have already received and see the sample results we have processed from all around the state.  Then zoom in on individual results to find out more about the results by viewing the Microbe Profiles.

The MicroBlitz project was inspired by UWA’s Professor Whiteley’s research.  His goal: To create a map of the diversity and distribution of microbial life across Western Australia.

By engaging citizen scientists throughout the state in the task of sampling soil, Andy and the MicroBlitz team will be able to analyse thousands of samples and create a map based on microbial DNA. With microscopic organisms (such as bacteria and fungi) playing a pivotal ecological and environmental role, not least in terms of regulating greenhouse gases and removing toxins from the soil, it’s an important map that will have far-reaching benefits.

Decoding Earth’s environmental genome.

The MicroBlitz map will become a baseline for monitoring the health of WA’s environment and, in turn, inform strategies and initiatives to address big-picture sustainability issues, such as climate change and food security.

Our team’s research will make a significant contribution towards decoding the planet’s ‘environmental genome’, in much the same way the human genome was unravelled to understand how we as humans work.