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Spread the word about MicroBlitz.

Monitoring and protecting Western Australia’s unique landscapes and biodiverse environment are big challenges, and MicroBlitz is part of a big solution. But like all citizen science projects, MicroBlitz relies on people like you – people who believe in the potential for science to do good – to make this vital environmental research a reality. So become a citizen scientist, then spread the word or make a donation.

How you can help us recruit more MicroBlitzers.

  • Share our work on Facebook. Go to our a�?What is MicroBlitz?a�� or a�?Why ita��s importanta�� pages (or any other page on our website for that matter) and hit the Facebook icon, then tell all your friends about our work. Remember to use the #MicroBlitz tag when you do.
  • Tweet about us. Again, go to our a�?What is MicroBlitz?a�� or a�?Why ita��s importanta�� pages and hit the Twitter icon to tell your followers about our project, using the tag #MicroBlitz.
  • Instagram your sample. Once youa��ve registered to become a MicroBlitzer and received your free soil sample kit, be sure to take some snaps with your phone, then share them on Instagram (or Facebook, or Twitter) with the #MicroBlitz tag.
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How you can help MicroBlitz achieve more.

Every contribution makes a difference when it comes to citizen science. You can become a MicroBlitzer. You can join us as a partner, or become a corporate sponsor. Or you can simply make a tax-deductible donation that will directly support us in caring for the environment.

Your cash, supports meaningful change.

When you make a donation to MicroBlitz, youa��re making a valuable and practical contribution to our work. And it couldna��t be easier to do.

Here’s how to make a secure, tax-deductible donation.

  • Simply go to the University of Western Australia’s secure Online Giving page.
  • Fill in your personal details.
  • Select ‘I would like to make a gift to: Your choice’ and type ‘MicroBlitz’ in the following field.
  • Select a donation amount, or enter your own figure in the space provided.
  • Hit ‘Donate’. That’s all there is to it.

You’ll receive an e-receipt shortly after you’ve made your donation, and you’ll be acknowledged in our ‘Thank you – In Recognition of Philanthropy’ book, which is produced each year.

Want to do more to help us help the environment? Make a secure, tax-deductible donation or Get in touch a�� wea��re always looking for volunteers.