Spread the word about MicroBlitz.

Monitoring and protecting Western Australia's unique landscapes and biodiverse environment are big challenges, and MicroBlitz is part of a big solution. But like all citizen science projects, MicroBlitz relies on people like you - people who believe in the potential for science to do good - to make this vital environmental research a reality. So become a citizen scientist, then spread the word.

How you can help us recruit more MicroBlitzers.

  • Share our work on Facebook. Go to our ‘What is MicroBlitz?’ or ‘Why it’s important’ pages (or any other page on our website for that matter) and hit the Facebook icon, then tell all your friends about our work. Remember to use the #MicroBlitz tag when you do.
  • Tweet about us. Again, go to our ‘What is MicroBlitz?’ or ‘Why it’s important’ pages and hit the Twitter icon to tell your followers about our project, using the tag #MicroBlitz.
  • Instagram your sample. Once you’ve registered to become a MicroBlitzer and received your free soil sample kit, be sure to take some snaps with your phone, then share them on Instagram (or Facebook, or Twitter) with the #MicroBlitz tag.

Want to do more to help us help the environment? Make a secure, tax-deductible donation or Get in touch – we’re always looking for volunteers.

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