Meet our MicroBlitzing partners and sponsors.

Becoming a MicroBlitz citizen scientist is a great way to get involved in research that has enormous potential to help protect our environment. And it couldn’t be easier to become a MicroBlitzer. But it isn’t the only way to support our unique environmental research program.

If your organisation shares our commitment to the WA community, education and the environment, you can join our extended MicroBlitz family of public and private sector collaborators.

  • Become a partner. Meet the partners supporting our citizen science project, and find out why becoming a partner is good for us and your organisation.
  • Become a sponsor. Join the growing number of local, state and international organisations supporting our research as sponsors, and enjoy all the benefits of a MicroBlitz affiliation.
  • Make a donation.Make a donation. When you make a donation to MicroBlitz, you're making a valuable contribution to our work. Find out how to make a secure, tax-deductible donation.
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