Get involved. Publish

Get involved. A�Here’s how.

You dona��t have to be a lab-coated scientist to contribute to research that will help us understand and protect our precious environment. Simply join our community of MicroBlitz citizen scientists across Western Australia (WA) and jump on board for a unique journey of discovery into WAa��s hidden biodiversity, and help protect our environment into the future.

Who can become MicroBlitz citizen scientist?

Families. Schools. Farmers. Industry. Everyone. MicroBlitz enables anyone with an interest in science and the environment to play a vital role in Professor Andrew Whiteleya��s ground-breaking scientific research at UWA andA�it couldna��t be easier to get involved.

  • Want to get involved? A�Here’s how.

    • REGISTER. Grab the FREE app!A� Become a MicroBlitzer and prepare to let your inner scientist loose.
    • COLLABORATE. Work with us and support the project. Therea��s lots of different ways you can help out.
    • ORDER. Find out how to order your sampling kit and where you can take a sample.
    • SAMPLE.A� Learn how to take a sample. A�Ita��s easy and fun.